Forest Experiences

Forest Experiences

"Listen to Dance" and receive the Spirits of the Forest.

I love to MOVE, i love the FOREST, I love the VOICE. I am very happy to invite YOU to dive into a dance journey, discovering the abundance of our movement possibilities, surrounded and supported by our great Mother Earth : Nature Sounds & Flavors, and the Spirits of all living creatures of the Forest!

Dates and Times for this week:

Dear All,

I am in a further education of Soul Voice (Voice Medicine) - NO "Listen to Dance in the Forest" until 12th September 2020!

I am looking forward to dance with YOU again when i am back!

In Detail

„Become a pure listener of your body
Dive deeper into the layers of your physical existence

Break your sensations down to a molekular level

Meet your spirit beyond borders and
Find your true authentic expression

through Voice and Movement.“

„Listen to Dance“

is a call to dive deeper into the layers of your physical body:
"do less and receive more". It's a class where you learn to create more sensations while joyfully expanding your potential of movement connected to pleasure.
It does not matter if you are a professional dancer or whether you are pursuing a different calling: your body and voice are the purest ways of expressing yourself.