Workshop: Listen to Dance & Sound into Contact

I am very happy to invite you for a workshop, where we connect our dance with voice and explore the incredible power and beauty
of voice in motion.


"Listen to Dance" is a call to dive deeper into the layers of our body, to listen and create more sensations while joyfully expanding our range of movement.

"Sound into Contact" is an invitation to explore your unique voice through movement, to use your voice to come into contact with your body, yourself, the surrounding and experience the deep meeting of voice in motion.

With elements from contemporary dance, contact improvisation, different breathing techniques, exercises from creative vocal research as well as voice therapy according to the Soul Voice® Method (Karina Schelde), we will dive into the infinite universe of sounds.

My intention for this workshop is:

- to free your voice from conditioned ideas and limitations of how your voice should sound like

- to experience the power and magic of the merging of voice and body through motion

- to sound out of each single cell and dive into the power of the soundscape of many voices.

We will explore and meet our voice:
in two
with many
in touch
out of the feet
out of the pelvis
from all the heart.

Voice (sound) is for me the universal language and the purest, most direct and clearest form of getting into "contact" and communicating and transforming on a very deep level.

Voice is liberating, touching and connecting

"let's sound and listen
to our own body and soul vibration
dive into the collective power of voices
be sound and movement at the same time"


Appreciation: 65 - 85 Euro
Location:  bewegungsart Studio: Lörracherstrasse 45, 2OG
Time: 14h - 19h
Registration / Information: listen-to-dance_voice@posteo.de


Bring along: comfortable clothes, comfortable clothes to change, notebook, writing utensils and colored pencils (chalk or what you would like to draw / paint), water bottle.

I appreciate if you sign up by e-mail.
But you can also spontaneously come to the workshop.
NO prior knowledge of voice and movement is required.